Short Notice Sale

Closing Thu June 10th

Restaurant Equipment & Furniture

Viewing Under Strict Social Distancing Rules:  Tuesday 8th to Thursday 10th from 8 to 5 at Astocas KITCHEN NET Sales Center, Block 16 Guanzon Subdivision, Sta. Cruz, Magalang, Pampanga


Houno combi oven, deep fat fryers, Gas ranges, Charcoal oven, Smoker, Outdoor grill, Four door freezer, Stainless prep tables, Microwaves, Deli display, Showcase freezer, Aircons, Chairs, Dining furniture, Service trolley, Lockers, CCTV systems, pressure washers, Lighting, POS systems and Much More

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Astoca (Philippines) +63 (0) 2 853 0421


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