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Viewing Under Strict Social Distancing Rules:   Tue 9th from 10 to 5 and Wed 10th from 10 to 2 located at Shiweijie Restaurant, Unit No G2 and M2, One Soler Corp., 1080 reina Regente St. Cor. Felipe and Soler Sts. Binondo, Manila.


Chiller/ Freezers, Refrigerated prep tables, Chest freezers, Display chillers, Steamers, BBQ charcoal grills, Gas ranges, Stainless prep tables, Sinks, Racks, Shelves, Stock pots, Pans, Rice cookers, Pressure cookers, Mixing bowls, Insert pans, Kitchen tools, Dinnerware, Wood bowls, Serving dishes, Glassware, Dining furniture, Decor, Vases, Air-conditioning units, Fish tanks, E-bikes and Much More

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