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Short Notice Sale

Equipment from Fantastic Chef BBQ Grill

Only in operation for 12 months !!

Online Auction Closing On Thu 7th Jan

Viewing: Wed 6th from 9 to 5 and Thu 7th from 9 to 2 located at Fantastic Chef Restaurant, 2472 Leon Guinto Street Manila City.


Meat slicer, Freezer/Chillers, Showcase chillers, Refrigerated prep tables, Ice cream display chiller, Gas ranges, Dishwasher, Sinks, Prep tables, Exhaust hoods, Shelves, Aircons, Rice cookers, Audio equipment, CCTV systems, Safety vault, Samguyupsal dining furniture and equipment, Weigh scales, Mixing bowls, Woks, Scissors, Cutlery, Kitchen tools, Chopsticks, Containers, Dispensers, Serving dishes and Much More

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