Resale Opportunities Next Week

Auction Closes October 27th

20,000 items of Mobile accessories, Apparel, Beauty products and a Barbers Chair

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Barbers chair, Bags, Facial masks, Underwear, Samsung cases, IPAD cases, LG cases, Blood glucose meter, Toys, Selfie stick, Footwear, Ipad covers, cases, Iphone cases, Beauty soap, Shampoo, IPOD touch shields, Nexuss protectors, LG cases Samsung cases and Much Much More. See attachments for inventory

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Auction Closes October 28th

200 sacks of Customer Returns

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Kitchen utensils, Fans, Clothes, Headphones, Airpods, Memory cards, USB sticks, Webcams, Headsets, Tools, Phone cases, Airpod cases, LED lights, Telescopes, TV boxes, Nail gel curing, Games controllers, Slippers, Watches, Glasses, Screen protectors, Stereo speakers, Solar lamps, RC toys, Personal care and Much More

A detailed manifest for each lot is provided.

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