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Customer Returns

Auction Closes Sept 17th.

105 lots of customer returns

mostly in single  boxes.

These are high quality and value items, check detailed inventory & photos for box contents.

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Lots include;

Air pods, memory cards, wifi extenders, jewelry, makeup, clothing, personal grooming, thumb drives, writing materials, arts and crafts, power inverter, tripods, headsets, microphones, face shields, masks, game controllers, makeup, multimeters, portable pools, insect exterminators, glasses, sun glasses, battery chargers, toys, games, web cams, smart keyboard case, LED lights, smart bracelets, telescopes, wireless headsets, drones, RC helicopters, robots, watches, flashlights, humidifiers, fans, helmet anti fog film, shoes, screen protectors, bags, helmets and much much more

A detailed manifest for each lot is provided.

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For more information, please contact 

Astoca (Philippines) +63 (0) 2 853 0421



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